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Pas Normal Studios Off-Race Bandana — Rust

Pas Normal Studios Off-Race Bandana — Rust

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Add a touch of individuality to your look with the new Off-Race Bandana. Trimmed with a recognizable paisley pattern and showcasing the signature Pas Normal Studios pattern and branding in the middle, this bandana has been created in a multitude of seasonal colourways and offers up a subtle, yet playful means of accentuating your daily cycling wardrobe. 

As you ride, these bandanas present a more functional application, protecting your head or neck from the sun in environments where shelter is scarce. Dropped chains and roadside mechanicals can be sorted without the need to cover your hands with grease.

Product details

  • Seasonal colourways to complement your kit 

  • Fabric: 100% Cotton 

  • Made in China

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